Disabled American Veterans

Topics: United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Veteran, Medicine, Veterans Health Administration, Health care / Pages: 5 (1210 words) / Published: Mar 3rd, 2017
Though women have volunteered to serve in our Nation’s military since the American Revolutionary War and in each American war thereafter, female Veterans have consistently dealt with the minimization of their service and status when compared to men (Disabled American Veterans [DAV], 2014). Unfortunately, some of those same barriers still exist today, as female Veterans are frequently under-recognized for their roles and participation in combat, even by females themselves. Females serve in the military in the same capacity as men and experience similar, sometimes worse, health conditions as a result of their military and wartime experiences. Female Veterans of each era deserve equal respect and consideration, and should receive the specialized, …show more content…
Veterans were female, a statistic that is expected to continue increasing at a rate of approximately 18,000 females per year for the next 10 years, making them the fastest growing cohort within the military population (NCVAS, 2017). The growing number of female Veterans are bringing with them a set of unique health concerns, some of which are not being addressed due to various barriers and stigmas attached to seeking assistance through the VA. These women deserve to be aware of and feel comfortable seeking effective attention and treatment from the VA. The question is whether the VA is ready and capable to provide gender-specific healthcare for this special …show more content…
This information will be used to improve understanding of the current challenges and barriers faced by the largest, most recent cohort of female Veterans when seeking physical and mental health treatment. The objective will be to inform service providers of the importance of gender-sensitivity and acknowledging the stigmas and obstacles faced by female Veterans in order to begin the restoration of their ability to function.
Gaps in Literature
As the influx of female Veteran’s continues to increase for the foreseeable future, it is of utmost importance that the following gaps be addressed in future research:
• Longitudinal and interventional studies on the long-term effects of military service on female Veterans.
• Effects of deployments and military service on the families of female Veterans.
• Strategies to address early education on programs and services dedicated to military Veterans and the best practices for obtaining VHA treatment and

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