Columbus Impact

Topics: Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Christopher Columbus, Americas Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Christopher Columbus Impact

Columbus played an important role in the history of America, but not only that, his success opened a door for Spain to conquer the Americas as well. He was a talented and skilled Italian, who was really good at everything that involved the sea as far as travels and ships. Columbus convinced the Spanish monarchs to sponsor him with some ships, and all they gave him was three small ships. Despite the not very good situation he was in, he got all he had and decided to take forth his first voyage. What Columbus was about to discover, even though it took him many voyages to get to the Americas, gave initiation to the period of colonization. The impact that Columbus was about to have on many nations all over the world was out of anyone’s mind.

When Columbus had his first contact with the native people, he wrote in his journal, "They should be good servants .... I, our Lord being pleased, will take hence, at the time of my departure, six natives for your Highnesses." He was already thinking ahead, and had the idea in his head of enslaving those native people. He also sought to convert them to Catholicism, and brought his culture along with him to teach it to the natives. Before Columbus arrived, the Indians lived a peaceful life, freely. All of them lived naked, seeing no problem in that. However when Columbus arrived, he introduced to them clothe, as well as Europeans celebrations in place of native dances. His impact on the natives was huge, changing completely the concept that they had of life and of the world around them.

Not only was Columbus a huge impact on the Indians, but he also influenced Europeans. He was the one who opened the way for Europe to start conquering, as well as innovating. If it wasn’t for him, Europe would not have been able to provide all the markets, and offer a good technology. Columbus’s discovery of the new lands started the exposure to international commerce – something no one was really familiar with,...
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