Columbian Exchange DBQ

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Columbian Exchange DBQ
Since the 15th century the world has changed because of the Columbian Exchange. It has continued to change the world up until the 21st century with new discoveries every day. The interactions between the Indians and the Europeans along with the cultural differences and social differences developed the Columbian Exchange.

The interactions during the Columbian Exchange include how Columbus led to the two hemispheres and continued to intertwine the two together and how they have been isolated for so long. If it wasn’t for Columbus, we wouldn’t have started trade routes with the New World, which is very clearly a positive impact (Doc. 6). As soon as Columbus arrived in the New World with his crewman; diseases spread like a wildfire, a negative impact. Columbus brought smallpox, the disease that so ravaged Tenochtitlan on the eve of Cortes’s final siege, and measles. The Indians spread STD’s to the crewman from having sexual interactions with one another (Doc. 7). In document 8 it basically shows a visual of the trade routes and what was traded during the Columbian Exchange and what was traded between the New World and the Old World. The trading of crops from the Americans helped a lot throughout the years and still does today. These crops that were grown in the New World helped people stay healthier and stay energized to maintain a good working day. Animals were also included in the Columbian Exchange. The Europeans brought over horses, pigs, sheep, and cattle and they were all very useful because they reproduced quickly and didn’t have to be herded (Doc 9). In the New World they had very little animals because the humans had been living there and had lived in dense populations, cities, for a short time compared to the Old World. The main problem was probably the lack of domesticated herd animals (Doc 10).

The university system and school of the West Indies shows how different schooling and the culture is in the New...
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