Colonial Era

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Music history of the United States during the colonial era Nonsecular tradition
Performed in groups of people for religious purposes
Many songs were improvised and not transcribed, so it is difficult to prove that the songs remain the same. Appalachian Folk Music
Celtic folk tunes were derived from their roots in the Appalachians. Many of the sub-genres that came from this area eventually turned into country music. Fiddling
Short bow saw stroke
Became waltzes and polkas in the following century (19th century) Lined out hymnody
New England Colonial Music
Began with pilgrim colonists
Roman Catholicism
Bay Psalm Book (Cambridge, MA - 1640)
became standard by New England churches
Secular Folk Music
Instrumental music, as opposed to choral works.
Broadside ballads: printed songs performed to a well-known tune John Wesley: hymn composer
Was a well known preacher that took part in the Great Awakening (rise of Christianity) simple structure
The First New England School
considered the first uniquely American invention in music
The most characteristic feature was that the voices, male and female respectively, doubled their parts in any octave in order to fill out the harmony.

European Professionals
St. Cecilia Society; Charlestown, SC
first music society in North America
center, which attracted European musicians
Gentleman Amateur Composers
Another center based in cities such as Philadelphia and Baltimore Lowell Mason; from Boston, MA
campaigned against the use of shape-note notation, and for the education in standard notation. He worked with local institutions to release collections of hymns and maintain his stature. Opposed to the shape-note tradition, Mason pushed American music towards a European model.

Rural Pennsylvanian
Home to many quakers, Moravian, and Lutherans
Performed their own individualized music, including ceremonies. Harmony Society

African American
African slaves were brought to America in 1619
Work songs...
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