collection and remittance

Topics: Credit card, Credit history, Remittance Pages: 3 (630 words) Published: February 18, 2014
1.0 Introduction

Today effort and money are such vital things that have to be used very efficiently to have a satisfactory outcome whatever work is to be done. Modern day technology makes life simple and easy in many ways. In other business, they are already implementing a collection and remittance for the ease and convenience of the staff. However, in Advance Credit Corporaton ( Caloocan Branch) that is not the case, the sale agent undergo in manual procedure which is very inconvenient and hassle on the part of the sale staffs as well. Remittances give countries the ability to fund development their own way; however, like a teenager flush with cash from a first job, developing countries first have to understand just what it takes to effectively use remittance funds. If it is to efficiently use these funds the country must first develop policies that promote smart, stable growth, and to ensure that growth is not solely concentrated in the cities. The features of the proposed system is checkouts at the counter are fast, easy, and safety. The system will also include updating the customer’s credit records, and automatically tally the total amount of remittance.

The advantages of the proposed system is provides back-up of all information. Easy access the reports, other data from your computer without internet connection. All information are secured and the person that can access the propose system is the only branch manager and the owner’s personnel. 1.1 Background of Study

Advance Credit Corporaton have been in business since 1996, and their principals have over 50 years of experience in the commercial leasing industry. They specialize in financing beverage distribution equipment for both up sales and final use, as well as complete financing solutions for hospitals.The Advance Credit staff has 15 years of experience in providing a full service leasing experience to clients nationwide from helping their clients find a financing plan that suits their...
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