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Credit History

business, reduce the per customer cost of operations and provide more satisfaction and value to the customer. For instance, when a bank is in a position to sell to a deposit customer (say saving bank or term deposit), a loan product such as housing loan, credit card, personal loan or vice-versa, this would result into additional business and lead to low per customer cost and higher per customer earning. The question arises What is cross-selling? Cross-selling is nothing more than team-selling with other...

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Capital One: Launching a Mass Media Campaign

CAPITAL ONE: LAUNCHING A MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGN Why are we advertising? * To create more awareness and communicate a position in the Canadian marketplace * To change negative attitude of Canadian consumers towards credit cards * To correctly deliver the message to Capital One’s target audience group and thereby increase revenues and reduce defaults Who are we talking to? The target customers are prime and subprime customers. It started with 9.9 introductory offer which is priced very...

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sources of finance

assets owned by the business. If one partner gets the business into debt, all partners are liable for it. Partnerships are also able to use credit facilities offered by their suppliers. As a partnership have access to a larger capital than a sole trader, they are more likely to be able to secure a larger bank loan, greater hire purchase or extended credit agreements. Private limited Companies (LTD) Public Limited Companies (PLC) Public limited are usually the largest form of private ownership...

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Challenges faced by small businesses

Access to capital and credit at various stages in the business life cycle is identified as the major hurdle by the entrepreneurs. For many small firms and most start-ups, the personal funds of the business owners and entrepreneur and those of relatives and acquaintances constitute as the major source of capital. For many small businesses, especially during the early years of their operation, credit is simply not available. For many others, the limited available credit is not through bank loans...

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Spending Habits

to shop and spend money; my method of spending is with credit cards. My mother on the other hand, prefers not to spend her hard earned money, nevertheless when she has to, she chooses to use cash. I received my first credit card right out of high school. My first purchase was a pair of black leather boots. After that first purchase I was hooked, I would buy things: clothes; jewelry; shoes; and electronics. Simply because I have the credit to buy the things I want right away and pay for them...

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Pros and Cons for Credit Card

Elaine Chan KE Credit card- a blessing or a curse? According to a recent survey, credit card is gaining in popularity nowadays. Majority of the citizens aged above eighteen are having at least one credit card. Nevertheless, the number of tragedies arising from bad debts has been surging over the past few years. Is credit card a blessing or a curse? Before coming to a conclusion, lets first get an insight of the issue. Considering the convenience that credit card brings you, the free gifts...

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Credit Card

without credit cards. If you are among the relatively few who do not own a credit card, the chances are good that you have a great deal of difficulty rent a car or reserving a hotel room. So, just what are these little plastic cards and how do they work? Let's start by explaining the basics. What is a Credit Card? The dictionary defines a credit card as 'A card which can be used to obtain cash, goods or services up to a stipulated credit limit. The supplier is later paid by the credit card...

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Buying on Credit np

30, 2014 Buying on Credit In a world that is heavily reliant on economics and personal finance on a global scale, it is necessary for people to have the availability of credit. Both individuals and businesses use credit to facilitate purchases that they would not have been able to afford in cash. Having access to credit can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on whose perspective you look at it from. The ease that is currently experienced with accessing credit is proof that it is...

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India Credit Cards: Market Update

2014 – Mumbai, India : Marketreportsonindia.com presents a report on “India Credit Cards: Market Update”, provides data on latest market data, along with leading companies in India Credit Cards market. Synopsis "India Credit Cards: Market Update" presents detailed data on market growth dynamics for the Credit Cards market in India. It also provides data on latest market data, along with leading companies in India Credit Cards market. Furthermore the report enables readers to examine the components...

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Economic Effects of Sub-Prime Loans

option for individuals that have difficulty meeting mortgage payment schedules or for individuals who have low credit scores and considered risky borrowers. For example, an applicant with a low credit score of 500 will have a very difficult time locating a loan. Subprime lending comes with a high cost to borrowers. Lenders see bad credit applicants as riskier than applicants with better credit scores. Borrowers in turn pay for this risk by accepting loans with a higher interest rate. Subprime lenders...

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