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Paiboc Analysis

sentences and proper punctuation / grammar. Do not exceed one page. P What is your purpose or your purposes? What do you want your audience to know, think, or do? The purpose of the message is to both educate students on the responsible use of credit and credit cards and to give them tools and examples of how to use debt responsibly. A Who is your target audience? Describe the typical person in the group. What personal characteristics of your target audience are relevant to this message? The target...

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Money Talks

Talks” the writer Tracey Robinson English explains how college students acquire debt, penalties, bad credit, and finical ruins before their graduation from the use of credit cards, student loans, and poor money management skills. Where college students with no knowledge money management and no financial responsibility unknowingly sign up for numerous credit cards with no limit spending from credit card companies , whom prey on them knowing that they have no idea about the debt they have put themselves...

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SWOT Analysis: Financial Aspect

strategically to be more competitive in the industry that they are in. In choosing which areas of the SWOT Analysis to discuss in this paper I have taken the financial side into perspective. For the Strength I have chosen - Our financial position and credit rating are good. For the Weakness I have chosen – Lack of a formal budget process results in expenses. For the Opportunities I have chosen – Most of our customers use us for only part of what our products can be used for. For the Threats I have...

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Good Credit, Bad Credit

Good Credit, Bad Credit, What Credit? Ring ring. That’s the sound of debt collectors calling my phone. I think one of my friends is calling me, but it’s just a collector wanting money from a credit card bill. It’s nice to have a credit card if you have to pay a bill and do not have the money right away. The problem is when you spend too much and cannot pay the bills back. The later you pay these charges back, the interest begins to build up. That is one of the many mistakes of having a credit card...

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Finger Hut Strategy

actually helping the low-income society by offering them ways to build credit. As stated in the case the low-income society had no credit at all, so they lived paycheck to paycheck, which made it impossible for their customers to save money and buy certain goods that they needed. Therefore Friedman would say that Fingerhut was doing a social responsible act by extending a credit line to the low-income class of our society. With that credit line Fingerhut’s customers were able to purchase those goods that...

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American consumerism? As Americans increasingly spend more than they earn, psychological research is providing clues as to why. By Amy Novotney Monitor Staff July/August 2008, Vol 39, No. 7 Print version: page 40 Woman holding a bag and a credit card One bright spot in the midst of the country's economic downturn may be a long-overdue focus on reining in our spending. Since 1982, Americans' personal savings rate has dropped from 11 percent to below zero, according to the U.S. Department...

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Alpen Bank Case

Summary of the Case: Alpen bank needs to launch credit card in Romania which is a matter driven by market dynamics, customer demographics, usage behavior and changing macroeconomic conditions. Formulation of an effective marketing strategy is inevitable for the introduction of the credit card in such an environment. 1. How should Alpen position its card, if it intends to launch it? Positioning is identifying a set of possible competitive advantages to build a position in the minds of the consumers...

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Credit Score Worksheet

Credit Score Worksheet Credit Score Resources: • Five C’s web page located at the following link: http://www.loanuniverse.com/credit.html. • Credit Karma website (www.creditkarma.com) • Fair Isaac website (www.myfico.com) Directions Go to the Fair Isaac Co. website, www.myfico.com. Do not buy a credit score unless you choose to do so. For this activity...

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Atm Theft

Let me ask u first; do u have a credit card? some of you already have bank accounts and credit cards, some of you anyway are going to have because its necessary for life and business. So today I want to tell you about ATM cheating .I found one of the ways of cheaters to take your money from credit card using ATM machine. So I want to present it to you and warn against it. Today or tomorrow u can be a next victim of ATm cheating • On the first slide you can see next to the ATM machine a man...

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How to Waste Money

spending a little more than you should? Well, if would like to spend more of your money and you would like to empty your bank account in half of the time, then you should follow these steps; buy a classy auto, go shopping, don’t cook at home, and use credit cards more than usual. The surest way to misuse your money is to purchase a brand new expensive car such as Escalade, Lexus or Mustang, instead of a used one or an economy car that gets good gas mileage. When you are buying a brand new car, ask...

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