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Collaboration Assessment Guide
Please complete this guide and submit it with your evidence to “00 Collaboration Assessment Guide.” Complete part 1 at the beginning of the activity. Complete parts 2 through 5 once the activity is complete.

Part 1: Pre-Collaboration Planning
Use this worksheet to help you plan and organize your team for your Collaboration requirement. You should work in a group of two to five members to complete your collaborative activity. I will collaborate to complete the assessment on the topic Cold War__________. Team Members Information:

Team Member Names|Role(s) in Project|Email|Instructor Name|
My Name:| Christian| | |
Partner:| Christian| | |
Partner:| Jared| | |
Partner:| John| | |
Partner:| Marry| | |

2. Which Web 2.0 tool, if any, will your team use to complete the project?

 Chat box, drawing tool

3. What is your team’s target completion date for the project?

 We are finished already

4. How will your team members communicate with each other?


Part 2- Collaboration lesson/task description
The lesson was on the cold-war. We learned about duck and cover, bombs, cold/hot war, and conflicting ideologies. At the end of the lesson we had to makes lyrics to a song the instructer read to us. We worked with groups to right the lyrics down. Part 3- Peer and Self-Evaluation

Rate yourself and your team as a whole according to each of the performance criteria below.

3=Always 2=Usually 1=Sometimes 0=Never
|Rating for You|Rating for the Team|Reasons for Ratings and Other Comments:| Listened to others| 3| | 3|
Showed respect for others’ opinions| 3| 3|3 3|
Completed assigned duties| 3| 3| 3|
Participated in discussions| 3| 3| 3|
Attended meetings| 3| 3| 3|
Stayed on task| 3| 3| 3|
Offered relevant information| 3| 3| 3|
Completed work adequately| 3|3 | 3|
Completed work on time (with no reminders)| 3| 3|3|
Offered appropriate feedback when necessary| 3| 3|3 |
Part 4-...
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