Coins: Currency and Coin

Topics: Currency, Money, Left-wing politics Pages: 3 (364 words) Published: December 31, 2013
What coins and notes can tell

Here are some notes and coins.
Can you spot the ones used in India?
What do we call the note and the coin in India?

You are right! In India

the note is called a Rupee

and the coin is called a Paisa

Do the Rupee ad the Paisa tell you something?
Let’s observe!

Look at the coin carefully. What can you see on the

What is at the centre of the coin?
What does the number stand for?
What is written on the coin?
Note in how many languages is it written.?
Why is there a date on the coin?
Who makes coins? Find out!

This is the other side of the coin. What do you
see here?

Do you know the symbol in the centre?
Have you seen the symbol anywhere else?
Why do you think the symbol was chosen?

What are some of the things that you see on the
note? List at least five things.

What are the notes made of?
Whose picture do you see on the notes?
Why has the picture been chosen?
The name of which bank is written on the note?

Is there a number on the right hand side?
Why do you think there is a need a number? Can two notes have the same
Do you see a signature? Find out who signs the note.
Who makes notes? Where are they made? Find out!

How do you know the note is not fake?
Ask your friends.

Check whether you have thought of these:
Look for the raised diamond and a floral design in the left side. Why is it raised?
Do you see the water mark of the image of Gandhi? This can be seen better when held against the light.
Look for the security thread which runs
across the note from top to bottom.
The colour of the number thousand
appears green but changes to blue
at an angle.

Does one use the rupee and the paisa in other countries too? can Indian notes and coins (currency) be used in other
Find out the names of the
currency used in different

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