Topics: Marriage, Love, Alimony Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Cohabitation Is The Better Choice Than Marriage
Who want to leave alone in their whole lives? The answer is no. That’s reason why most of people think that marriage is the most important part in our life time. When someone doesn’t get married, the others will think that, this person may have problems with temper or thinking, that maybe a weird person if he or she refuses married. Sometimes people get married in hurry so that the result of their marriage is divorce. Nobody thinks divorce is a good thing to do; it brings pain, hurt and disappointment. For this reason, cohabitation could be a right decision for couples when they hesitate if they should get married or not. Three reasons that cohabitation is better than marriage are couples can know each other well before they get married; they also got the advantages as getting married but they are still free; and although they don’t have the security in love as marriage brings them but they should be reminded that the main point of love is faith not to bind. The first advantage of cohabitation is couples can know each other well before they get married. Cohabitation doesn’t mean that they won’t get married in the future. It may be an opportunity for them to know each other more deeply and better. Although we have relationship but if you haven’t lived together, you can’t know how it is. Getting married without knowing each other well is easier to divorce than cohabitation. I have a friend who lived with her boyfriend for 2 years then they got married and being happy together. Besides that, there is another friend of mine who got married at 22 years old then divorced at 23 because she has realized he likes drinking and usually beat her when he got drunk. She also has a son and she must bring the baby with her to escape from him. So why didn’t she know that her husband is such a mean guy like that? Because she only went out with him when they had relationship, it’s not a long time and a good situation to make an...
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