Cognitive Psychology Decison Making

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Bette Maisel

Cognitive Psychology

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April 10, 2012

Working Memory Load and Temporal Myopia in Dynamic Decision Making

by Darell Worthy and A. Ross Otto

Temporal Myopia is our brains inability to make long term decisions. Our country is in massive debt. The polar ice caps are melting because of our own poor environmental decisions. The healthcare system in the United States is bias and out of control. Obesity has become as widespread as an epidemic. Instead of pouring money into our education system, which in the long term would benefit the youth and future leaders of our country, we are getting ourselves further into debt by putting this money towards a war which was rushed into in the first place over insufficient reasoning. This article used modes and scenarios to better illustrate the reasoning that occurs when a person is making a decision.

Worthy and Otto propose that our decisions have both immediate and delayed consequences, and that understanding these affects of decision making is exceedingly important in making beneficial choices. They needed to have a group of test subjects that posses the appropriated cognitive recourses to understand the mechanisms which affect decision making. Every decision is motivated by the expected outcome. A potential error in the experiment was a prediction error, which is the difference between what the person expected the reward to be and what it actually was. While the immediate outcome of the decision is important to consider in analyzing the outcome, it is also important to look at what the delayed outcome was so it becomes clear why the test subject chose their option.

The author's experiments intended to look at the three common components of decision making. There is the; Evaluation of the immediate benefits of each option, evaluation of the delayed benefits of each option, and...
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