Coding in Grade School

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Jose Vivero

Coding Classes in Grade School
I recently watched a video that struck my interest. It was a video created and funded by a foundation named The basic premise of this video is to show how important coding was for several founders of multi-million dollar companies such as Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), and how coding is not taught in grade school. Because coding is a specialized skill and requires specific instruction, it is not a course that would be offered to kids in grade school. The reason the CEOs of these companies made it big were because they had access to computers and resources and their craft was unique; something kids of the 70’s and 80’s lacked. In the present world where most information can be found with the click of a button, it makes it easier for kids of the newer generations to learn coding. Who knows what kind of innovations the future kids of the world hold as potential in their hands and mind? With that being said, it is essential, that in the near future, public and private schools implement coding in their curriculum in order to broaden the knowledge of the future kids of this fast-moving technological era.

According to, coding is a skill that should be paid little to no attention and is just as essential as plumbing. Everyone should learn how to plumb since it helps to learn certain problems one would otherwise not be able to solve (i.e. unclogging a toilet). Also, others state that programmers do not really program code as much as they solve problems, and that problem-solving skills should be enhanced rather than coding. Even a programmer with over thirty years of experience, Jeff Atwood says to learn “as little coding as possible” and that in reality does not enhance other skills such as Math and English. In their opinion, coding is neither marketable nor essential.

According to former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, ‘At a time when people...
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