Coach Carter

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Coach Carter Essay

How does Thomas Carter demonstrate directors craft techniques in Coach Carter? How do these position the audience? In Coach Carter, Thomas Carter demonstrates many directors craft techniques. Coach Carter is about a new coach at Richmond High School that takes on the basketball team. He does this in the hope to help the players create a better future for themselves. The three directors craft techniques that are demonstrated in this film are costume, camera angles and music. These directors craft techniques are used to manipulate the audience to feel a particular way towards the movie or to help them understand something or someone. One of the three directors craft techniques that have been demonstrated in Coach Carter is costume. Costume can be used to show a characters personality, show what kind of environment they are in, or make them stand out against everyone else. A good example of this directors craft technique is when Coach Carter is dropping his son, Damian, off at St Frances for school. All of the students in the background, including Damian, are wearing a very smart looking uniform with black leather shoes and ties. It positions the audience to think that it is a private and very expensive school that provides a good education. It also makes them think that Damian is a very intelligent student that can go very far after he has finished his schooling. Costume is one the directors craft techniques that Thomas Carter has demonstrated in Coach Carter as well as camera angles. Camera angles are another one of the three directors craft techniques that have been demonstrated in Coach Carter. Camera angles can be used to focus in on someone or something, show what direction someone is looking at, make the audience feel like they’re in the scene, exaggerate emotions and many other things. An example of the effect that camera angles have on the audience is when Coach Carter is sitting alone in the middle of the gym on a basketball. The...
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