CNE 251 Lab 07

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CNE 251 – LAB 07
Project 7-1:
3) Yes the stdout reads both sample1 and sample2. There is a stderr message due to sample3 not existing / being found. 4) You do receive an error as it is trying to find sample3 which does not exist. 5) The contents of the file listed are sample1 and sample2….again sample3 does not exist. 6) There are the sample1 and sample2 results from the ls. Sample3 is not listed. 8) There is not stdout message or error message as a result of this. Nothing was changed from the previous data. 9) The contents of the file are both sample1 and sample2.

10) Cat File2 has nothing in the directory.
11) No sample3 file is found when running that command.
12) The output after the addition of file 2>&1 is still the same with sample1 and sample2. 14) There are no contents listed under file2 – method to create was incorrect. 16) Contents for cat file is just a directory itself with one date file. 18) You now have 2 time stamped files, based on using the date two separate times. I received a core dump error – undetermined as to why..

2) The | shell character combined with the less instructs the contents to be listed only line by line, not to do a page by page listing (more). 3) 4 lines are displayed matching the “keep” string. It searched within the entry listed. 4) The output from this command specifically looks for entries with small and uppercase E listings. 5) You are sorting the listing of matching entries from largest to smallest. 7) The output from the command lists the total numbers of lines that match which is 6. 8) You changed the maximum keep alive from 100 to 150 with that command. 9) The output from the command listed lines 1 and 3 from the hosts file.

3) The listing is smaller than the previous one as you ensured less was shown. 4) The entry for your directory listing switched to Hello There. 6) The additions to the profile would insert a prompt option for you to be given a greeting…first line being prompt entry, then the next 3 lines describing what happens when you select Yes as the option. 7) You received the “hello there” prompt as a result of editing the profile entry to enable you to get a welcome message / prompt. 10) The MYVAR variable is indeed listed – you created it in the previous step. 11) The MYVAR variable is not listed when using the env.

12) The MYVAR variable is listed after you exported it.
14) The MYVAR variable is not listed as it had been exported previous to the exit. 17) The MYVAR is now listed after logging back in – this was as a result of exporting it within the profile setting. 18) The aliases present are cp, l., ll, ls, mv, rm, which in my shell. 19) This command creates a new alias “asample”.

20) You can add this to the profile or bash to ensure it runs at each login.

4) The permissions are read and write for the user and read for all others. The \t and \a list the entry for viewing so when it executes the mount listing you know what you are looking at immediately. 5) You receive an access denied error when trying the ./ command. You received this as you don’t have the execute permission. 6) The script executed now after you modified the permission to allow execute.
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