Clovis Culture Site Report

Topics: Clovis point, Stone Age, Wyoming Pages: 4 (580 words) Published: April 20, 2014

Clovis Culture Site Report

Lehner Mammoth Kill Site
In 1952, a man called Ed Lehner discovered some extinct mammoth bone fragments in the geological deposits at the locality named Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site. Lehner notified the Arizona State Museum and excavations took place in 1955, and again in 1974. This site is located in southern Arizona. It is very important because this site is the first to be associated with the Clovis culture to have definable fire hearths. Approximately 11,000 years ago, a group of hunters from the Clovis People, camped there and killed, butchered, and cooked mammoths, bison, and tapirs. Also, Lehner Mammoth-Kill Site is often associated with evidence that mammoths were killed here thousands of years ago Many things were found during the excavations. Some of these artifacts found included thirteen fluted Clovis projectile points, butchering tools, chipped stone and fire hearth features. Bones of a variety of animals were also excavated. For example: twelve immature mammoths, one horse, one tapir, several bison, one camel, one bear, several rabbits, and a garter snake. Lehner site was also the first to have butchering tools that can prove direct association with animal remains, and also associates Clovis Culture with small animals, camel, and tapir, due to the tools founded. I saw some pictures of the Lehner Mammoth Kill Site and I found very interesting. The site has an area of 485 acres (196 ha). I was able to find pictures of several projectiles points found in this site which proves that the Clovis Culture was hunting at this location in the past. Sources: Colby Mammoth Site

During the routine construction of a stock pond in 1962 near Worland, Wyo., Donald Colby was able to discover a Clovis projectile point. In so doing,...
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