cloud computing on healthcare

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Cloud Computing On Health Care
Roger Gamez
University of Maryland University College

Cloud computing is one of the most recent revolutionary technologies in the world. The applications of Cloud computing is rapidly increasing in day to day life. Today the application of Cloud computing is so widespread that it is being used even in the health care industry. Although healthcare was once considered an industry that would not adopt cloud computing due to systemic security, legal, and privacy issues, that no longer seems to be the case.  Those in healthcare IT are moving even farther into the world of cloud computing. As the evolution of cloud computing in health care is occurring at a rapid rate in recent times, we can expect a major part of the healthcare industry to move onto the cloud and thereby more focus is laid on providing a cost Effective and efficient healthcare service to the people all around the globe. Despite the common belief that certain boundaries and security issues of the cloud would hinder the shift, the healthcare industry is taking an initiative to move to these cloud based platforms. Cloud computing can transform the way healthcare is practiced by empowering professionals to deliver better healthcare services to their patients.

Cloud computing may be defined as the use of computing resources both hardware and software that are delivered as a service over a network most likely the Internet. Cloud consists of three basic service models: First, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides users with processing, storage, networks, and other computing infrastructure resources, secondly, Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables users to deploy applications developed using specified programming languages or frameworks and tools onto the Cloud infrastructure, and finally, Software as a Service (SaaS) enables users to access applications running on a Cloud infrastructure from various end-user devices (generally through a web browser).

- Benefits of Cloud Computing for Healthcare

“Patient centricity” has become the key trend in healthcare provisioning and is leading to the steady growth in adoption of electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR),personal health records (PHR), and technologies related to integrated care, patient safety, point of care access to demographic and clinical information, and clinical decision support. Availability of data, irrespective of the location of the patient and the clinician, has become the key to both patient satisfaction and improved clinical outcomes. Cloud technologies can significantly facilitate this trend. Cloud computing offers significant benefits to the healthcare sector: doctor’s clinics, hospitals, and health clinics require quick access to computing and large storage facilities which are not provided in the traditional settings. Moreover, healthcare data needs to be shared across various settings and geographies which further burden the healthcare provider and the patient causing significant delay in treatment and loss of time. The Cloud caters to all these requirements thus providing the healthcare organizations an incredible opportunity to improve services to their customers, the patients, to share information more easily than ever before, and improve operational efficiency at the same time.

Clinical Research: Many pharmacology vendors are starting to tap the cloud to improve research and drug development. The ‘explosion of data’ from next generation sequencing as well as the growing importance of biologics in the research process is making cloud-based computing “an increasingly important aspect of R&D”. Currently, pharma firms do not have the capacity to run large datasets – especially DNA sequencing - as the size of the data can overwhelm their computers. Commercial cloud vendors have developed pharma-specific clinical research cloud offerings with the goal of lowering the cost and development of...

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