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Topics: Cloning, Animal, Failure Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: May 25, 2014

PROS of Cloning

There are many pros of cloning, which could be beneficial for society today.Past experiments of cloning have told us with work, we, humans, can clone anything we want. But why would we want to? First, cloning helps in the medical department. Such as cloning animal models of disease. Think about it, the way researches learn about human diseases usually comes from studying animal models. These transgenic animals take a long and intensive process to create. Cloning could help reduce the time that is needed to make the animal model. In the end, the data would be the same for study. Another pro of cloning, reviving extinct species! Have you ever wanted to be face to face with a real life, breathing dinosaur? That may not be the smartest idea, but in theory, cloning would make this possible. You would need a well preserved DNA from the dinosaur and a currently living, closely related species as an egg donor/surrogate mother. In realty? No.. It is extremely unlikely that DNA from dinosaurs could survive unharmed for such a long amount of time. Cloning extinct animals may be a harder thing to accomplish, but cloning endangered species is much easier. Several wild species have been cloned already, including relatives of the Guar and the Banteng.

CONS of Cloning

Aside from the pros of cloning, there are still risks. We only hear of the success of cloning, what about the many, many experiments that failed? Animals can teach us about the risks of cloning. Cloning has a high failure rate. The success rate ranges from 0.1% to 3%. That means for every 1000 tries, only 1-30 clones are made. There are various reasons for the outcome. The enucleated egg and the transferred nucleus may not be compatible, the nucleus may not divide or develop properly, the implantation of the embryo could fail, or even the pregnancy itself might fail. Not only is there a low success rate, there are problems during...
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