Therapeutic Cloning

Topics: Organ transplant, Cloning, Stem cell Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Therapeutic cloning.
In order to understand Therapeutic cloning is important to define what stem cells are? Stem cells have the capacity to develop in any type of cell of the human body. For scientist this is a great advancement because stem cells can be used to reproduce and create organs to help people who are in need of an organ transplant or are undergoing terminal diseases. The opposition to therapeutic cloning argues that embryos should not be created for the sole purpose of being used as resource tools, human dignity and the mining of human life are reduced by this action. The progression of cloning researches create a controversy among the population which brings up the question should therapeutic cloning be allowed? Therapeutic cloning offers a possible cure for many mortal diseases.

The opposition argues that therapeutic cloning cause exploitation of women. In order to extract the eggs required for therapeutic cloning numerous drugs and hormonal treatments need to be administer to the donor. The extensive use of these drugs to produce ovulation can have repercussions in the women. Women who are in financial need are more likely to undergo this process because they receive a monetary stimulus for donating their eggs. Currently women are the only way of obtaining the eggs needed for therapeutic cloning. Another argument of the opposition is the destruction of embryos. Opponents argue that a human person comes in to existence at conception and for them embryos are consider a human life and not a clusters of cells. Creating a life and then destroying it to cure another life is a violation of the sanctity of life and is practically a crime.

The third argument against therapeutic cloning is that it is not safe. There is a possibility of transferring diseases and other malformations to human. Dolly the sheep was the first animal that was ever clone, Dolly die at a young age. Scientist discovered that the problem of the premature death of Dolly was due...
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