Clinical Psychology

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Examine Clinical Psychology

The History of Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychology is the part of the psychology field that focuses on treatment and evaluation of mental illness, psychiatric issues and abnormal behaviors. The treatment that developed in clinical psychology assists persons with their development as an individual and well-being (The History, 2013). Clinical psychology started at the University of Pennsylvania in 1896 when a clinic was opened. Clinical psychology has been in use in various universities from 1850 to 1900. Lightner Witmer is credited with using applied psychology to aid a boy who had trouble with spelling (The History, 2013). Following Witmer’s success The University of Pennsylvania was known for helping individuals with learning disabilities and he also published a journal 10 years later named the Psychological clinic.

The term clinical psychology was developed in 1917 when the America Association of Clinical Psychology was created. Although the organization only last for two years until the clinical branch was founded by G. Stanley Hall through the American Psychological Association (The History, 2013). The American Psychological Association was the first organization to allow certifications in clinical psychology. 1930 is when the American Association of Applied Psychology was created by various psychological organizations after WWII while the APA was being reorganized (The History, 2013).

Clinical Psychologists are responsible for developing two test for WWII known as the Army Beta and Army Alpha. The clinical psychologists where used during World War II in order to assist those who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, known as shell shock back then, during the war. Having clinical psychologist available to assist the soldiers as soon as possible helped soldiers recover sooner. There were also psychologists from the National Council of Women...

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