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Professional Development Activity
American Counseling Association-ACA questions:
What is the Role of Students in ACA-American Counseling Association? As stated on its official website, “ACA is the largest association exclusively representing the community of counselors in various practice settings” (Welcome Students, 2013). Students can have an active voice participating as representatives or members of a variety of committees; students input are necessary for the future of the association and its demands. Members benefit from an array of resources only available to them (Role in ACA, 2013). What are Insurance options for students in ACA, and how much does it cost? ACA student insurance membership is available for students enrolled in a master’s degree counseling program performing practicum and internship counseling services and includes professional liability (malpractice).The coverage is available through Healthcare Providers Service Organization-HPSO providing 24 hours a day coverage whether on the job, off-duty, and even if changing jobs. The Annual Premium is $37.00 which includes $2.00 HSPO membership fee. This comprehensive coverage includes the following valuable benefits (Students Features and Benefits, 2013):

Up to $1,000,000 each claim professional liability coverage •Up to $3,000,000 aggregate professional liability coverage •Occurrence-based Coverage
Pays Your Defense Costs
Deposition Representation
Defendant Expense Benefit
License Protection
24-hour coverage

Additional coverage, up to the applicable limits of liability, at no extra costs:
Assault Coverage (not available in Texas)
Personal Liability coverage
Personal Injury coverage
First Aid Expense
Medical Payments

Damage to Property of Others
In the Students section, what are some of the opportunities you can participate in? Do you think they’d be helpful? On the Role in ACA section (2013), are listed several ways a student can get involved. I truly believe all these opportunities are supportive to students in the counseling field because gives us a better view in how not only enhance our learning experience but discover possibilities for professional involvement after Graduate school; trough networking, sharing of ideas, keeping up to date in research, legislation, and community involvement among others. Ways student can get involved as follows: •ACA Governing Council, a student representative joins the Council and meets regularly with them to establish policies that govern and administer the affairs of the Association which purpose is enhance the quality of life in society by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the counseling profession, and by using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity. •Conference, the most important inclusive professional development event in the field where Graduates and students have the opportunity to network, learn about new resources, career assistance, and participate in more than 400 educational sessions and earn credits at no additional fee. •ACA Foundation, through scholarships and funded programs the foundation support counselors in the advancement of the program as well as advocacy by providing literature, technical assistance, partnership with other organizations, and funds to attend ACA annual conference among others; through fundraising among professionals and community supporters. •Counseling Today, is a monthly magazine where professionals as well as students can publish in detail articles on diverse topics related to the field. It is accessible online and interactive. Provides a section for blog comments on the article as well as a mean to communicate with the author(s) for further discussion. It includes a job classifieds section as well. What catches your interest in the ACA Weblog? What is something interesting that you read about? I loved the blog by Dr. Minnie...

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