Clinical Assessment

Topics: Clinical psychology, Psychology, Adoption Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: June 9, 2013

Clinical Assessment
Psychology 270
April 20, 2013

Information that I would like to learn is about Clara’s history. I would like to learn more about her biological parents if the information is available. What was she like before she was adopted, what type of lifestyle her biological parents had and whether there were factors involved such as: drugs, alcohol, etc? Some questions that I would ask would be: Does she have friends or siblings, and if so how does she interact with them, if at all? What, if any changes were made recently? How old was Clara when she was adopted and is she aware of this? What is a typical day for Clara currently and prior to the changes in behavior? Have there been other noticeable changes in Clara, if so what? Has Clara spoken about why she does not want to return to school? Have there been any recent changes at school, such as a new class or teacher? Does Clara talk about any of the other kids; has something happened at school with any other student or adult? The final question that I would ask would be what type of results are they looking for with Clara? What do they want to see happen with Clara and the treatment she receives? In addition to the clinical assessment I find that other test may be very beneficial in helping Clara. One of the tests that I would administer, with her being at a young age, would be the drawing test. Having her draw pictures of things like her family, or her school, may help in understanding her functionality. The way she draws the pictures may indicate how she feels about each person, which may also provide information if she is hiding something. Another test would be the Psycho physiological test, to help determine if there are psychological problems associated with Clara. These tests can help understand and track her emotions. I would also like to perform Neurological and Neuropsychological test, dependent upon if the adoptive parents are able to provide information about...

References: Comer, R. J. (2011). Fundamentals of abnormal psychology (6th ed.). New York, NY: Worth
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