Clinical Assessment

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Clinical Assessment
June 23, 2013
Elizabeth Cole

Clinical Assessment
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson brought their 4-year-old adopted daughter, Clara, to see Dr. Mason, a psychiatrist. Clara was polite in greeting Dr. Mason, but did not smile and kept her gaze down as she took a seat. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson sat next to Clara and began explaining their concerns. They described Clara as a quiet child who has recently begun throwing temper tantrums, during which she is inconsolable. Her sleep and eating patterns have changed, and she no longer wants to go to preschool.

Create a brief response to each of the following questions:

• What other information would you like to learn during the interview with the family? What questions would you ask? 

I would ask them first how often did she throw these tantrums? Also, what was happening right before Clara would throw a tantrum was she asking for something, or would she just suddenly get angry? Also, are there children at the school that may be picking on her, I would want to learn as much about Clara as possible first.   I would go into her birth parents and just how long was it before they gave her up for adoption?   Maybe for some reason or another she was taken out of the home and the parents parental rights were taken.   I would want to know why?   I would want to know how many other adopted families have she been exposed to?   What were the circumstances of each?   I would want to then know more about the Clara before the temper tantrums started.   How were her eating habits and moods?   How was she at preschool before the actual tantrums?   When did the adopted parents notice the change in Clara?   I would then get to know Mr. And Mrs. Lawson.   I would ask the couple just how is their relationship?   Do they argue, fuss or fight around the child?   What are their work schedules?   How much time do they spend with Clara or could a teacher be acting inappropriately with Clara? How has her sleep patterns...
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