Clinic Thesis Introduction

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Information System (IS) refers to a system of people, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organization as well as the organization’s manual and automated processes. In a narrow sense, the term information system (or computer-based information system) refers to the specific application software that is used to store data records in a computer system and automate some of the information-processing activities of the organization(Wikipedia,2009).

In a broad scope the term information system (IS) is a scientific field of study that addresses the range of strategic, managerial and operational activities involved in the gathering, processing, storing, distributing and use of information, and its associated technologies, in society and organizations. Regarding the circulation of information and ideas, numerous legacy information systems still exist today that are continuously updated to promote ethnographic approaches, to ensure data integrity, and to improve the social effectiveness & efficiency of the whole process. In general, information systems are focused upon processing information within organizations, especially within business enterprises, and sharing the benefits with modern society. (Wikipedia)

Computer has been part in human’s life has evolve magnificently in the new era of technology yet majority of the country’s institutions still do not adapt the high technology. Most of the medical clinic facilities adapt the manual system of processing the data. For all we know that some of the modern clinics strives hard to serve as many patients as possible with the best of their abilities. As time goes by, the number of patients has grown tremendously and various medical cases arise that the manual method of managing patient’s records, prescriptions, appointments and schedule is no longer practical.

Nowadays, people became more health conscious and more aware and they are taking necessary steps to ensure that they have a healthy body and a wealthy lifestyle. So, every day, many people go to clinics or health center for check-ups and treatments. A medical clinic concerns more on the diagnosis and the welfare of patients. Basically, patients spend more time in clinics waiting for services rendered by the doctor or health professionals. Therefore, the rapid growth of patients has a great impact in managing a clinic’s records and reports that concerns using of manual system.

Retrieving a patient’s record is very time-consuming. For instance, a doctor is requesting for previous medical records of a patient then the personnel’s time will be consumed greatly in terms of retrieving the patient’s file from the filing cabinets. It is evident that a filing cabinet makes a very slow retrieval and storing processes of patient’s file, therefore, there will be a great impact on the personnel effectiveness and efficiency of their assigned job and responsibility.

Every time a patient needs or updates for medical check-up, doctor’s availability will not be confirmed unless the doctor himself is present at the clinic. Not knowing of the doctor’s schedule is really a troublesome. For instance, a patient went to the doctor at a certain time and day to have his/her check-up on his availability but sad to know that the doctor isn’t around for reasonable matters. Then it would be a problem for the patient if he/she doesn’t know the availability of the doctor. Hence, it is convenient to know an updated availability schedule of the doctor.

In this study, the proponents aim and hope to develop a web-based application that will minimize all paper works and manual records keeping, prevent time-consuming and make work easier than before. The system will provide a module that keeps track of the medical records of the patient with a prescription of the doctor. The doctors will be provided with a facility to encode their diagnoses of a certain...
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