Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

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Listen to Villagers on Climate Change
Vulnerability Reduction Assessment (VRA) November 2010

Vulnerability Reduction Assessment

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ACRONYMS 2. INTRODUCTION 3. VRA OBJECTIVES & METHODOLOGY 3.1 Objective 3.2 Method 3.3 Tools 3.4 Scoring 3.5 Reflection 3.6 Analysis 3.7 Credibility

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4.1 Background 4.2 Trend Analysis and Types of Climatic Hazards 4.3 Climate Change Risks in Teuk Krahom 4.4 VRA Score 4.5 Analysis of the Data Collected

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5.1 Background 5.2 Trend Analysis and Types of Climatic Hazards 5.3 Climate Change Risks in Bos Leav 5.4 VRA Score 5.5 Analysis of the Data Collected

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Vulnerability Reduction Assessment


Farmers find climate change complicated; however, they have significantly experienced its impacts.

Climate change can no longer be ignored. Even farmers in Teuk Krahom commune in Preah Vihear province and Bos Leav commune in Kratie province have seen notable changes in terms of the climate over the years. In Teuk Krahom commune farmers see themselves as very vulnerable to droughts; while in Bos Leav, the vulnerability stems from droughts, floods and storms. In Teuk Krahom commune, all the villages have noticed a definite increase in the frequency and length of droughts. Similarly in Bos Leav commune, despite being known as flood-prone areas, all villages within this commune have noticed an increase in the frequency of droughts. In general, floods seem to have stayed steady over 30 years and some farmers have even noticed declines in floods.

Farmers in both communes feel that CC is already affecting their livelihoods in the following main areas: Firstly, droughts and heat negatively impact on the animal health. Animals die because of the heat and diseases, which seem to increase during drought months. Secondly, farmers also see CC impacting negatively on rice yields. Water stress from the heat and droughts affect grain development resulting in low rice yields. The damage to rice also extends to other crops like vegetables grown in the area. Thirdly, droughts dry up the limited water resources, which in turn limit the ability to irrigate during droughts as well as dry season cultivation. In Bos Leav the impact of CC seems to be compounded by silting up of the lakes and dams from deforestation and subsequent soil erosion. Fourthly, human health is also being negatively affected by CC. Farmers noted that diseases like diarrhoea and stomach problems increase as water quality deteriorates in the dry season. Lastly, farmers in Bos Leav mentioned that storm also destroy dams, homes and roads. Farmers feel that animal health, human health, waters resources and crops yields


Vulnerability Reduction Assessment will be most impacted if CC increases. They also see an increase in food insecurity and a decrease in income if CC increases.

However, all is not doom and gloom. Farmers in both areas see institutional support from NGOs and government as playing a key role in reducing CC vulnerability. This was very strong in Bos Leav which has a large number of NGOs working in the area. NGOs provide humanitarian aid during flood disasters in forms of mosquito nets, food, tents, and evacuation shelters among others. Village animal health workers, who assist in livestock management, were also seen as important. Existence of lakes and dams in Bos Leav and to some extent in Teuk Krahom, also plays an important role in reducing the impact of CC. Some villages in Teuk Krahom see protected forests as providing food and non-timber products which they can sell in lean months.

When asked about the main barriers to CC adaptation, farmers in Teuk Krahom mentioned lack of water resources as the main hurdle followed by lack of money, lack of access to agricultural...
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