Examine the Possible Consequences of Global Warming at International, National (Uk, Bangladesh) and Local (London) Scales.

Topics: Global warming, Oceanography, Sea level Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Examine the possible consequences of global warming at international, national (UK, Bangladesh) and local (London) scales.

Over recent years global warming has been causing climate change through rising sea levels and many extreme events such as floods, heat waves, and droughts and storms these events could have massive consequences economically, socially, environmentally and politically on a large scale, from international level down to local areas.

One of the biggest concerns on an international scale is the rising sea levels, due to rising temperatures in the Antarctic and Greenland is causing rapid melting of ice caps and glaciers, this increase in water is causing a massive rise in sea levels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has predicted an average rise in global sea level of 1.2m by the end of the century, that would be caused by the annual loss of 273thousand million tonnes of ice. If the entire sheet was to melt then the rise in sea level would be about 7m globally. This would lead to mass land loss of many countries incl. The UK, Bangladesh and Holland. The loss of land would have a massive impact on the agricultural sector with many acres of farm land lost to flooding and salinisation of the soil causing the land to be useless. Another international consequence is the relocation of millions of people worldwide, as many people live on flood plains. The melting of the ice caps could have a dramatic effect on the eastern European countries climate, as the cold arctic water could travel down the Atlantic into the Gulf Stream cooling it and cause the countries such as the UK to have much colder climates due to the lack of heat brought there by the Gulf Stream. The rising sea levels will have a large effect on the environment globally with many rare saltwater marshes being destroyed, and increased drought in the summers has harmful effects on woodlands and wetlands killing many of the plant life due to lack of water and poor...
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