Client Servers Chapters 9-12 Assignments and Answers

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Lesson 9
Performing Software Installation with Group Policy
Key Terms
Assign Option used to deploy required applications to pertinent users and computers.

Basic User Strategy for enforcing restrictions that prevents any application from running that requires administrative rights, but allows programs to run that only require resources that are accessible by normal users.

certificate rule Software restriction rule that uses the signing certificate of an application to allow software from a trusted source to run or to prevent software that does not come from a trusted source from running. Certificate rules also can be used to run programs in disallowed areas of the operating system.

Disallowed Strategy for enforcing restrictions that prevents all applications from running except those that are specifically allowed.

distribution share Shared folder that is a network location from which users can download software. Also known as the software distribution point.

file-activated installation Method of distributing applications whereby an application is installed when a user opens a file associated with an application that does not currently exist on the user’s workstation.

hash Series of bytes with a fixed length that uniquely identifies a program or file.

hash algorithm Formula that generates a hash value.

hash rule Software restriction rule applied to an application executable that will check the file’s hash value and prevent the application from running if the hash value is incorrect.

hash value Value generated by a formula that makes it nearly impossible for another program to have the same hash.

Install This Application At Logon Deployment option that allows the application to be installed immediately rather than advertised on the Start menu.

.msi file Relational database file that is copied to the target computer system with the program files it deploys. In addition to providing installation information, this database file assists in the self-healing process for damaged applications and clean application removal.

network zone rule Software restriction rule that allows only Windows Installer packages to be installed if they come from a trusted area of the network. patch files Windows Installer files with the .msp extension that are used to apply service packs and hotfixes to installed software.

path rule Software restriction rule that identifies software by specifying the directory path where the application is stored in the file system.

Publish Option used to deploy applications. It allows users to install the applications that they consider useful to them.

repackaging Process of preparing software for .msi distribution, which includes taking a snapshot of a clean computer system before the application is installed, installing the application as desired, and taking a snapshot of the computer after the application is installed.

self-healing Function that allows software to detect and correct problems, such as missing or deleted files.

software life cycle Process that takes place from the time an application is evaluated for deployment in an organization until the time when it is deemed old or no longer suitable for use.

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Structured process used to develop information systems software, projects, or components; phases include analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.

Unrestricted Strategy for enforcing restrictions that allows all applications to run except those that are specifically excluded.

.zap file Non–Windows Installer package that can be created in a text editor.

Knowledge Assessment
Match the following definitions with the appropriate term.
a..zap filef.Publish
c.Basic Userh.distribution share
d.hashi..msi file
e.path rule...
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