Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper

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Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper
MTE/501 The Art of Science and Teaching
Regis Lawrence

For my classroom observation I had the opportunity of sitting in on a first grade regular education classroom. Listed below are the following that relates to the teacher’s classroom design.

Teacher’s educational goals

I asked for the teachers educational goals and wasn’t surprised that our goals shared some of the same objectives. In terms of teaching she wanted to provide the best education possible and go over and beyond the call of duty to make that a reality, without excuses. Should a student need additional tutorial assistance due to performing below grade level she would set up a schedule to make those accommodations.

Learning Environment

The students where in a safe and nutiruting atmosphere. They were free from stress and I could visually tell they felt at easy with the teacher and fellow students.

Classroom Procedure and Rules

This was very interesting to watch. Their routine was to come in the class get settled and a student goes to the “Helping Hands” board and read off the assignment duties for the week. In regards to the rules, they knew to raise their hands to be recognized by the teacher. Should a student finish their work ahead of everyone they are to get additional work out of the remediation box. The thing that was truly amazing was they would cheer for their fellow classmates and say “good job and/or goog try”. They were very encouraging towards each other.

Role of the Teacher

The teacher’s role was to provide a safe and learning environment, encourage students to try to perform to the best of their abilities and facilitate the structure of the curriculum to meet the needs of the students and grade level standards. I could tell she is very supportive to all her students and serve as a motivator because she is always encouraging them to do better and never give up. She also shared a story about her childhood...
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