Classroom Management in Public Schools

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The classroom setting in Kelvin Shackleford’s ninth grade World History class is loud and unruly. Shackleford stands aside and hands students the control of his classroom. Teachers and students are constantly engaged in a battle of tug-of-war for class control, and in more than many cases the students win the battle for that control. This illustrates that one of public schools problem is behavior management. Students taking control of the classrooms ultimately sets them up for failure in the eduction war, because without the teachers having control of the class students become unfocused and don’t retain the information. Managed classroom behavior is highly important to success in public schools, this can be accomplished with changes in teaching practices.

In the public school system teachers and administrators agree that the lack of discipline is the biggest problem facing them. It is the job of the teachers to bring order back to an unruly classroom (Martin). Obviously there are going to be distractions and interruptions in every class, however the problem arises when the teacher does not address these issues properly. For example, a student is speaking while the teacher is giving instruction. If the teacher does not acknowledge the disturbance at that time that student will continue to speak through the remainder of the lesson, often times leading to even more disturbance (Alan).

Addressing something like speaking when they are not supposed to be can be quite simple, bring attention to the student’s action by; non-verbal signs such as moving closer to the student, or eye contact, calling out a student by name, or by verbally redirecting the student’s attention back to what it’s meant to be on (Kizlik).When teachers do not bring order back to their classroom it brings the lesson to a screaming halt. If teaching stops, learning stops, thus making the purpose of schools null and void.

One way in dealing with disruptions early is by setting rules and defining...
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