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By ojay007 Apr 22, 2014 462 Words
Everyone here has a hunger for knowledge and to cure that hunger we assembly ourselves in a classroom setting such as this. That would not be possible if there was no one here to feed that hunger. Teachers are the driving force which keeps this world turning, especially the k-12 teachers. K-12 teachers should be paid more money because they are grossly under paid, they deal with discipline problems daily, and have strict education requirements. Unfortunately, teachers, one of the most important group of people in our society have a relatively low pay compared to other medium class jobs. According to Education World, the lowest average teacher salary at $32 000 per year. The average factory worker salary is about $36 000. That is higher than the average salary of a teacher in South Dakota. But consider this: factory workers do not need an education to work at their jobs. You can go to GM right out of high school and start earning more than a teacher with a degree. Starting teacher salaries have not kept pace with other fields. In 1970, beginning New York City lawyers earned $2,000 more than first-year teachers. Today, a starting lawyer can earn three or four times as much as a beginning teacher. Discipline problems are listed as the major concern for most new teachers. Teachers deal with outside problems brought into the classroom such as family problems, peer pressure, and even bullying issues. A disruptive classroom cause mental anguish for the teacher it also slows the learning process and cheats students out of a quality education and causes the instructor to review previously taught assingments. Students may engage in foul language or acts of violence for a variety of reasons, such as anger or frustration. This will further delay the class from learning. In order to become a teacher, they must successfully complete a preparation program in the area of study at an approved teacher education institution, then take the Praxis Series Exams required for state licensing, and be recommended for licensure by the Dean of Education and the Certification Office of the college/university. All of this will require students loans that will exceed the teachers pay. Teachers are truly the first line of offense in bettering the future generations. They are by far the single most important profession field in the world. Education shapes our lives positively in every way. And for such an important job, teachers get paid the equivalent of factory workers. I plan on being a teacher someday and I hope they are financially appreciated by then.

Duncan, A. U. S. department of education, (2011). Teacher pay study asks the wrong question, ignores facts, insults teachers. Retrieved from website: and teachers are not given the respect or pay they deserve.

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