Classroom Debate Script1

Topics: Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food, Agriculture Pages: 5 (2108 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Classroom Debate Script
Summarize the findings of my topic
1. Advantage of GMOs
GMOs is products from the advancement of science in technology and molecular biology. Especially, genetic engineering especially has developed rapidly to very high level. The scientist and research institutions worldwide dedicated power of thought and enormous research funding about GMOs for develop enrich the quality life of population the whole nutrition, medicine, and public health. The success of the development GMOs has concrete is raise the quality of food, medicine, and medical technology. As we have benefited a lot today, and increase population problem, while the reduced producing area. Genetic engineering is one of the best technology that will solve malnutrition and medicine problem that may occur in the near future. Since, the efficacy of genetic engineering accepted that can help increase production rate per area higher than the production in its traditional form. The obvious example is agriculture in United State with genetic engineering can enrich the quality life. So, it is said that genetic engineering is a major revolution in agriculture and medicine is called genomic revolution. Editing genetic material or DNA begin from experiment and researching in the country with industrial progress since 70th century by development with knowledge and understanding of more technical about genetic engineering and biological molecular. Decades, it has a test and begins products for commercial distribution in United State since A.D.1993. In the 20th century, an era of booming biotechnology. Biotechnology has been used in various industries, especially the agriculture industry, such as use of genetic engineering which is a high biotechnology to develop genetically modified plants with the desired properties, such as to create a dangerous toxin specific to insects. It can Resistant to pesticides, resistant to disease caused by a virus, and contains some vitamins nutrition or increased. In particular, the grain is a main food. In 1992, was the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) used as food, such as modified tomatoes to qualify delayed ripening, and rennet enzyme that use in the manufacture of cheese. This enzyme produced by genetically modified microorganisms from the use of products from GMOs creatures, the two of them. Causes of resistance in both the United State and Europe have more. In most cases, it is matter of food safety, such as the contamination of mad cow disease, and the contamination of dioxin in food. Of such events, it makes the most manufacturers and large supermarket must have certificate that the food product and the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are free from genetically modified (GMOs free). Genetically modified crop area worldwide in 2002, with about 367 million acres planted in the United State, 68 percent, 23 percent planted in Argentina, 6 percent planted in Canada, and 4 percent planted in China. GMOs product is trend to cause substantial commercial benefits because in the future the world's population will increase while agriculture remained stable. So, GMOs product is one way to help produce enough food to meet the needs of the world's population. Decrease opportunity to use insecticide in agronomic and increase quality and value for original product. However, consideration is necessary for the safety and risks to use GMOs together with because of these factors have more impact on public acceptance and consumers on the GMOs products which will impact it’s come back to effectiveness to bringing technology for use benefit. In present, there may be foods with GMO ingredients and found in many countries around the world such as United State, European Union or EU, Japan, Canada, and other countries include soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, papaya and some vegetables, but these foods through the assessment process strictly.

2. Effects on the environment
- Reducing deforestation...
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