Classical Country Of Immigration

Topics: Australia, Deserts of Australia, New South Wales Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: November 16, 2005

Australia, to many, is known as a "classical country of immigration." All but about 300,000 of the approximate 20,305,486 in Australia descended from immigrants who originally arrived with a settlement of British convicts in 1788. In July of 2001 Australia's population consisted of approximately 92% Caucasian, 7% Asian, and only 1% Aborigine.(native Australian). Australia has an estimated net gain of one international migrant every 4 minutes and 9 seconds. As of September of 1999 there was an approximated total of 53,143 illegal immigrants, over staying their welcome. After World War II, an immigration program was introduced with an aim of bringing mainly British immigrants to Australia. The majority of immigrants however, wound up coming from Eastern and Northern Europe, and then Southern Europe in the 1950's and 60's. Once into the 1970's Australia began to see an all new wave of immigrants taking a stand in their new grounds. This new group, still the predominant immigrants to the country of today, made their journeys from the Middle East, Latin America and Asia (where over half of today's immigrants to Australia come from). The high numbers of migrants into Australia has helped in more ways than it's hurt. There has been a higher number of people coming into the country with a high skill level than low skill level. This has produced a higher working rate and helped the economy a lot.

Many economists follow the opinion that migration has had a more dynamic and expansionary on Australia's Economy. On the other hand there are the fair share that have said Australia's population would undoubtedly see better days with a lower level of migration into the country. It is said immigration is increasing unemployment, making a worse balance of payments, puts strain of public affairs and aided in the slowing down of labor-saving investments. The official Bureau of Immigration, have done what they can to examine the issues in migration to Australia and...
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