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Class Rules

By stouty55 Nov 25, 2013 583 Words
You must be dressed and ready in the gym/class location when the class bell rings. If your class has left school grounds – you will join another class and only receive partial credit for the day (do NOT drive to the classes location). At the end of class you will given 5 minutes plus passing time to shower and change. You will be dismissed from the GYM when the bell rings – you are not allowed to be in the hallway/commons or hanging out in the locker room. ANYIME a student leaves class without teacher permission the student will be marked as TRUANT. If you refuse to participate in the class activity you will be sent to the ALC. If you refuse to participate for 13 days during a term; you will be dropped from the course.

2. RESPECT THE RIGHTS AND PROPERTY OF ALL: FOLLOW SCHOOL RULES Report problems immediately to a physical education teacher. Equipment use begins only after teacher directions have been given. Equipment it expensive: If you break it initially you will buy it.

In the event of an EXCUSED absence, YOU must make arrangements with your instructor to do make-up work. Make-ups during study hall must be done with YOUR teacher. You may, also, make-up class before or after school in the weight room/cardio room. Make-up sheets must be turned in to your teacher before the last week of the term. YOUR teacher will issue a pass for class make up ONLY. A note from the doctor is needed when you can’t actively or safely participate in class.

Your safety is our number one job! Students must be aware of safety guidelines for the activities they are participating in. Safety guidelines MUST be followed or you will not be allowed to participate.

Keep your valuables locked during class. Keep your Phy. Ed. items in the Phy. Ed. Locker Room. You cannot bring in your own lock. If you need a lock you must purchase one from the office before or after school only. The locker room hallway doors will be locked when the bell rings to starts the class. The sports team locker rooms are off limits during school hours – NO ONE is allowed (including the shower area).

You are not allowed to wear your school clothes for class. We recommended that you have a pair shoes for Phy. Ed. Only. If you forget your clothes we will provide you with clean set. Refusal to change your clothes is insubordination and you will be sent to the ALC. All shirts must have sleeves, no crop tops, low or cut shirts, and shorts must be mid-thigh. You may wear sweat pants if you choose. All girls’ swimming suits must be a one-piece and all boys’ swimming trunks need to be mid-thigh in length.

A student can earn a maximum of 3 daily participation points each class. Remember, it is NOT your choice of what activity the class participates in.

3 Points: Fully participates in the assigned activity; demonstrates FULL cooperation, effort, and sportsmanship for the entire block.

2 Points: Participates in the majority of class; demonstrates cooperation, effort, and sportsmanship.

1 Points: Demonstrates little participation, cooperation, effort and/or sportsmanship.

0 Points: Unexcused absence and/or removal from activity.

STUDENT NAME (PRINT)______________________________ PARENT SIGNATURE_____________________ I understand the classroom rules/expectations and grading system used to determines a student’s Phy. Ed. grade.

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