Gym Rules. Establishing Rules Paper

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Brett Morris
Rules in the Gym
People talking on cell phones, water bottles left everywhere and machines left dirty also sweaty towels and garbage lying around: these are just three examples of gyms not enforcing their rules and members being reckless. The good thing is you can do something about this, and apply rules and bring order back to the gym, this way you will be able to keep clients happy and make sure they are longtime members at your gym bringing you business for years. To maintain an atmosphere where every member feels comfortable, you need to really be consistent with enforcing the rules. Making sure gym rules are properly followed can help make sure your members are happy and that they keep coming back. Here are the rules I believe can help keep your gym in good standing. The 12 Rules of the gym 1) Don’t bring your gym bag or other personal belongings near the gym equipment as that may be dangerous.2) Be thoughtful when you are using the water fountain. If there’s a line, do not fill up your water bottle because that is rude to the other members. 3) Ask if you can work out with another member if they are using the equipment that you were intending to use. 4) Do not yell, swear or slam weights down while in the gym. 5) Do not take breaks on the machines while you are in between sets.6) you need to Re-rack weights and return all the other equipment and accessories to the place where you obtained them from. 7) Ask the gym staff to show you how to use equipment properly so that others are not waiting as you are trying to figure it out. 8) Wipe down all equipment after you use it. 9) make sure you stay on the machines for the time limits that are set for those machines. 10) Do not bring children near the gym area. Children must remain in the childcare center. 11) Do not bother the other members. Stay focused on your own workout and allow members to do the same, so leave other members alone.12) before you start your workout wash your hands to...
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