Claras Day

Topics: Mother, Want, Grammatical person Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Reading and analysing fiction

Where does the text take place? I think it’s in Britain.
Is it in a real or in an imaginary world? It’s in a real world. Does the place of action remain the same or does the setting change? It’s most in the school, but also at home. Is there any indication in the text of the social environment? We know that the mother is a dentist receptionist so I don’t think that he earns that much money. I think they are a part of the lower middle class. Is the setting described in detail or hinted? I think the setting is described in details. Does the setting create a particular atmosphere?

Does the setting reveal anything about the characters’ feelings? No

How many characters are involved in the action? Four. Clara, her mother, Stan and the head mistress. Who are they and what do we learn about them? (age, appearance, family, situation, background, education, feelings, thoughts and so on)

Clara: Clara is a teenager who went to the high school. I don’t think that she have many friends, I do not even know if she has. Often she hangs out with two girls from her class. But are they real friends? Her parents are divorced and she lives together with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. One day she takes off all her clothes in the school. It’s not normal for Clara because she is normally very shy. When the head ask her why she did it she doesn’t want to tell her the truth. The reason why Clara did it was that she want’s attention from her mom.

Clara’s mother: She works part-time as a dentist’s receptionist. She has a boyfriend called Stan and is a very chaotic woman. Her boyfriend Stan gets all her attention. She doesn’t notice that her daughter needs her attention too. She is a very self-centred woman that want’s her daughter to be like her. When the letter from the head comes she only laugh about it and is very proud of her daughter.

Stan: He is a muscular man with black hair on his chest. The smell of him is...
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