Civilization in Paleolithic Era

Topics: Paleolithic, Human, Agriculture Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Topic: To what extent does the hypothesis of bona fide, yet ‘missing’, civilization in the Palaeolithic era make sense to you?

Palaeolithic meaning old stone, which is about (2.6 million years – 300,000 years ago). Having a Lower, Middle and Upper stone age for Palaeolithic. In the Palaeolithic era climate was the pacemaker of change. As the world grew colder, the new climatic conditions restricted the habitat, certain species disappeared. Every time the climate changed the new conditions suited other animals. Each Ice Age last between fifty and a hundred thousand years as so mentioned in “The New Penguin History of the World” written by J.M Roberts. He mentions “Evidence of the glaciations and their effects is now available from all oceans and continents and they provide the backbone for prehistory chronology.” I did research and came across a website It has evidence that supports the three major glaciation events that occurred in the past. Robert Tucker and Zhanxiong Peng of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University of St. Louis implicated that "There would be no communication between the atmosphere and the ocean. The deep ocean would quickly become free of oxygen because light would not be able to penetrate the ice to fuel algae. Above the ice, there would be little rain or snow because there would be little evaporation. Many organisms that lived in milder conditions would become extinct." Investigation shows that there are at least three levels of glacial deposits. Each ice age destroyed the habitats of creatures that had adapted to the arctic condition. But after each glaciation new species spread. As time went on, one branch lead to apes and the other lead to human beings, this line was named hominids. Indicated by J.M Roberts, “The first hominid fossil found in Kenya and Ethiopia are dated only 4.5 million years ago.” But then a French fossil hunter discovered...
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