City Life - Advantages & Disadvantages

Topics: City, Metropolitan area, Los Angeles Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Nowadays, big cities fascinate us due to their versatility. However, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages to living in a city. Indeed, big cities such as London, Los Angeles or Rome can offer a better life, even taking into account the negative aspects.

Due to densely built-up areas, everything a person needs is just around the corner, so using a car becomes unnecessary. If in desire of a new pair of shoes or a new pair of jeans, one simply needs to take the bus for a couple of stops and there is already a shopping center waiting. If someone is hungry, just a few steps from the front door there is probably a supermarket or a fast-food restaurant. Even schools and universities are very easy to reach, which is a very beneficial point for students and parents alike. For instance, a family with children needs a home that has access to reliable public transportation. That way, the parents do not have to drive their children around themselves and can thus reduce pollution of the environment whilst saving a lot of money on fuel. Furthermore, the importance of good medical care and hospitals is of utmost importance, which is nearly always available. Another advantage of living in a city is that there are many opportunities for employment. This also makes it very convenient and attractive for young people to live there. Likewise, it is very pleasing for them to know about the countless attractive nightlife possibilities in every city; there is usually something for every taste. Also, the opportunity of finding new friends presents itself on a nearly daily basis, as there are plenty of people to meet.

As mentioned, there are some disadvantages. Wherever you go, it can be crowded, so privacy is reduced significantly. Living in an apartment building can be unpleasant at times as well: neighbors may be able to hear you or you could hear them, and if they are very noisy, it can be unbearable. Such noise problems may become more troublesome if the building...
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