City and Country Life

Topics: City, Rural area, Urban area Pages: 5 (1263 words) Published: December 7, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Urban life emerged as civilizations flourished
3. Urban life blessed man with the comforts of life
4. Life in countryside

a. Serenity and tranquility
b. Clean environment and healthy surroundings
c. Rich culture and simple lifestyles
d. Sincere and trustworthy people
e. Lesser crimes
f. Stronger social bonding
g. Agricultural self-sufficiency

5. Country life lacks basic amenities
6. Concept of suburbs
7. Conclusion

Man is a social animal by nature and he cannot live in isolation. Throughout history, human beings have gathered to form civilizations some of which flourished in such a way that they reached the zenith of development. All these civilizations were characterized by their peculiar and unique settlements and culture patterns. Human settlements form a feature that has been a defining element between the two distinct forms of societies – rural and urban. The debate on “country life versus urban life" is as old as the hills. Whereas country life presents the very basic form of living, urban life is blessed with more comforts and facilities. Urban settlements emerged as civilizations progressed and people required a closer interaction for their economic, social and political needs. Urban life comforted man with basic amenities as well as sheer luxuries of life and has become a hallmark of prosperity and growth. Country life, on the other hand, offers a natural setting, impossible to be found in urban dwellings. The serene beauty and absolute purity of country environment, its traditional and rich culture and simple lifestyle, stronger social bonding and sincerity among people and remarkably fewer rates of crimes make country life a preferable form of living. Though country life, in many cases, lacks access to the civic amenities that are indispensable for a trouble-free living, most people still prefer to live in rural areas.

As mentioned above, man cannot afford to live alone. No child can be brought up normally in isolation. The essential characteristics of a human being that turn him into a 'social man' from a 'social animal' are developed through interactions in society. A child acquires the qualities of learning, reasoning, socializing and communicating with others from the society. Human settlements are the defining feature of societies. Thus, the two basic forms of societies – rural and urban – are defined by human preferences of socialization. It is their desire for stronger political and social interactions that drives them to form urban settlements. Even the earliest civilizations of human history – Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians and Indians, to name a few, were centred on one or more cities. In fact, the word 'civilization' itself means living in cities or urban areas. Urban settlements serve not only as political power-centres; they also provide opportunities for greater prosperity of civilizations.

The maximum comforts of life are available only in urban environments. Modern facilities of health, education and civic amenities are the most striking feature of urban areas. Country folks can only dream of these facilities. Parks, recreational activities, better employment opportunities, modern banking and financial services, communication networks are provided in urban areas though some of them are available, to some extent, in villages as well. From universities to security arrangements, and from hospitals to shopping-malls, all these facilities are found in urban areas.

Despite all these modern services and facilities, urban centres fail to cater the needs of human beings that can be fulfilled by villages only. The modern facilities in cities come at the cost of peace of mind and true and sincere relationships. Today, people are fed up of the fast and artificial life in cities. They travel hundreds of kilometres to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature...
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