Citizen Kane

Topics: Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, Charles Foster Kane Pages: 3 (1278 words) Published: February 8, 2015
Edgardo Olivares
TA 380
Kane’s’ Tragedy
Citizen Kane develops many remarkable themes. Two main points are the humiliation of the personal qualities of the public figure and the second develops with the serious power of materialism. Taken as one, these two themes contain the harsh sarcasm of an American success story that ends in useless homesickness, loneliness, and death. The reality that the personal theme is developed vocally through the characters while the materialistic theme is developed visually, creating a unique stylistic counterpoint. It is in opposition to the counterpoint that the themes clarify within the formation of a mystery story. Its theme is put in picture from a number of viewpoints by several different characters. The sad story is how a millionaire newspaperman, who honestly made his reputation as the supporter of the poor, becomes ruined by a desire for wealth and power. Kane's misfortune lies in his failure to experience any actual feeling in his human interactions. One of Citizen Kane’s main themes was the idea that childhood is missing. All the way through the entire movie, Kane was seen trying to bring back his childhood. It seemed as though he sought to go back and do the whole thing over. I think the one thing he sought more than anything else was for someone to care about him and make him feel significant. Given that he was separated from his parents when he was so young he didn’t get to have the early day’s experience of being cherished and taken care of by his parents. When he became an adult he was very in need for attention and love. He tried to obtain his liking from everyone in his life. A person’s childhood is very important and can identify who they become as an adult. In Kane’s case he did not construct good interaction as a child; therefore as an adult he did not know how to care for someone without shoving them with money and gifts. Many individuals could apply Kane’s story to their personal experiences by...
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