Always a Motive by Dan Ross

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* Always a motive by Dan Ross shows the struggle of a man to prove his innocence despite strong evidence against him. The investigating officer does not understand him, and he is presumed guilty. The theme is portrayed that individuals may take surprising actions that are not known by others. This theme is effectively reviled through its characters, and title.

* The characters Joe Manetti and Inspector Winters are essential to the portrayal of the theme. Joe, who is a dynamic character, is progressively reveled as the story continues. Joe has had a tragic past. “He [Joe’s six year old son] was killed by a truck” (p. 109) this has effected him deeply, and he views things differently. Because of this tragic accident, when Joe finds the child he does not return him to the police, he returns him to his father. The reason for this—he wanted to the see the father’s face when his son was returned. “I wanted to see the face of the father who had lost his kid and then got him back” (p. 112). Inspector Winters is a static character, who does not understand Joe’s motives. Even after finding out what had happened to Joe’s son, he still does not comprehend the tragedy of a father’s loss. Therefore, Joe’s motives are misunderstood and incomprehensible. * The title of this story is another way Ross represented the theme of the story. The title “Always a Motive” ties along with the plot, even though some people may not understand motives—there is always one. This is shown through Joe’s motive of returning the child to the father instead of taking him to the police. The inspector does not understand this “What was your motive? I mean first taking the child, and then bringing him back that way” (p. 108). The evidence against Joe makes him look guilty. Through all of this Joe kept explaining his motivation for taking the child back to his father, but Inspector Winters is still convinced he is guilty “I think you kidnapped the child yourself and then lost...
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