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The Human Resources Profession Map (HRPM) was created to explain how HR adds value; it was designed by a collaboration of both specialist and generalists working in the UK and globally across private and public sectors. The HRPM was developed by the CIPD. The design of the HRPM is to be relevant and applicable to HR professionals operating anywhere in the world, all sectors and in organisations of any shape or size. It captures what skills are required for effective and successful HR. There are 4 bands which relate to professional competencies; they define the contribution that professionals make at every stage of their HR career. The key areas of these bands include service and relationship with clients, activities performed by HR, where time is spent and how contribution and success is measured. The band summaries are:

Band 1: Support administration and processes, is customer orientated.
Band 2: Advises and manages HR issues.
Band 3: Lead and consult, addressing key HR change at organisation level.
Band 4: Lead and Manage professional areas, developing and delivering HR strategy. The HRPM is made up of 10 professional areas, 2 of these are the core of the map. Diagram?
At the very core is “Insight, Strategy and Solutions”. It is at the core it is awareness of the business and developing actionable insights and solutions. Secondly is “Leading and Managing the HR Functions”. This is owning and shaping to insight-led leading, including working with financials such as budgeting while managing HR performance. Its design it to meet needs and priorities. The 8 other professional area segments identity the activities and knowledge that are required to provide specialist support, these are applicable not only internally but also externally.

Organisational Design: Structure changes, delivering organisational objectives. Organisation Development: Workforce focused for organisational strategic ambitions. Resource and Talent Planning: Focusing on...
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