Cinderella Man

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Cinderella Man Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Life in the 1930’s shown in Cinderella Man
In Ron Howard’s film, Cinderella Man, the story of the famous boxer James J. Braddock is told during his career in the late 1920’s and 1930’s during the Great Depression. Jim is a fierce boxer during the 1920’s and is very successful, but as the years go by Jim begins to wash up and lose his luck in the ring. He suffers an injury and loses his job as a professional boxer right as the economy begins to plunge as the country enters the Great Depression. Jim and his wife Mae Braddock, begin to struggle with paying the bills and providing for their two kids. Due to the lack of employment oppurtunities throughout the nation Jim’s family is put in jeopardy. When things begin to seem as if they couldn’t get any worst for Jim and his family, his manager Joe Gould approaches Jim with an interesting proposition. He offers Jim a chance to get into the ring for one last fight, and with all odds against him he defeats his opponent. After the win Jim begins boxing again and goes on a winning streak as he defeats every boxer in his way. Just as Jim regains popularity he is offered a shot to fight Max Baer, the current heavyweight champion of the world for the title. With courage and bravery Jim accepts the challenge and gives the fight his all. After 15 rounds in the ring, Jim comes out victorious with a win by judge decision and shocks the nation. Overall the movie Cinderella Man proved itself to be very realistic and believable in its portrayal of how hard life was during the Great Depression for the entire country.

Cinderella Man was very accurate in its depiction of life in the Great Depression and had many scenes that directly related to what I learned in class. One scene that i think stood out as very realistic to the 1930’s was when Jim goes in search of his friend in one of many notorious “Hoovervilles”. It shows people being forced to live in shacks and unsanitary conditions due to poverty because of the depression. In...
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