Comparsion Between the Movie Annie to the Great Drepression

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Unemployment Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: January 29, 2012
The Great Depression Era was the longest depression in history from 1929 to 1932. This was a time of economic failure, unemployment, cuts in production, and less spending. The movie that I watched, “Annie” is about an orphan that as volunteered to spend Christmas with one of the wealthiest man in America at the time of the 1930s’ and finally she gets adopt. So this movie talks about the view points from the wealthy community, also the poor community, and how the Great Depression affected both the poor and rich communities.

When you look at the poor in the community you can see the struggle and how people had to help each other as seen in the movie when Annie attempted to escaped she saw a group of people that were cooking for each other in the alley. So that was a problem during this era, homelessness.

In the movie numerous times they referred to the rich community as easy street, and it was a big difference between the two communities. In this movie Oliver Warbucks, wealthiest man in America, wanted to find Annie the orphan’s parents and so he set a 50,000 dollar reward for finding her parents and in the scene you can see how much that money was so important to so many people at the time so there was a lot of frauds that were posing to be Annie’s parents, so you can surely see how that kind of money could help somebody during that time.

In another scene in the movies Annie asked Mr. Warbucks, if she can watch him work because she has never seen anybody who has jobs before, so that was another problem during the Great Depression. This movie also has the input of the struggle of the president FDR and some of his problems when he first got elected that he had to deal with. It also talks about the closing of factories and the cutting of production affects the factory owners. That was another issue during the Great Depression. This story also talks about how moving from place to place to find jobs that were available to find jobs was a big factor act this...
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