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By pawin21 Sep 25, 2014 1019 Words

Is Global Climate Change Man Made?

The current situation of the world is becoming a fact that the world gets hotter and hotter. What makes the Earth become hotter has been an issue in debates around the world. The current cycle of global warming is changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon. What will we do to slow this warming? How will we cope with the changes we've already set into motion? While we struggle to figure it all out, the face of the Earth as we know it—coasts, forests, farms, and snowcapped mountains—hangs in the balance. Everybody knows that the earth temperature is getting higher each year and that is why people gathered together and make a campaign to save the earth. The question is who made the Earth temperature become higher? Some people agree that human being is the major cause of the temperature rising. Although, on the other hand, some people blamed nature for its slow development and it is the right of human being to use the natural resources in order to fulfill human being’s daily life. People came out with lots of campaigns to heal the world. On the other hand, some people argue it is useless. It is important to know what really causes the earth temperature rise, which is human being’s mistake. It is also important to know its effectiveness, how can we get the solution and in what point people who see this problem differently must know. The effectiveness of climate change has been added up in every single year. The earth has become a hard place to live now. According to National Geographic research and observation, Icebergs in the North Pole is melting, and that makes it to liquid very fast that sea level is rising (National Geographic, 2007) Researcher Bill Fraser has made an observation of the breed of Adelie Penguins of the Antarctica, and the result that the rate has fallen from 32,000 pairs to 11,000 in 30 years only. This result is very dangerous, as it is telling the decline of the penguins. Precipitation, the amount of rain and snowfall become higher. It is abnormal. Greenhouse Effect, the event on which the sun rays will only shine to Earth, and Earth cannot release Carbon Dioxide, therefore it makes CO2 gas fly above the ozone layer and make the world hot. If this problem still goes on, more problem will effect earth even more. Sea levels will be 18 to 59 centimetre higher, floods and dry lands will be more, and hurricanes and storms will be stronger. So it is very important to know what are the solutions to fix these causes to be small effective. There are several solutions to fix this problem. First, people and government should be together to stop greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas is the gas that is Carbon Dioxide and it get stuck on the ozone layer cannot go out the earth, so It makes earth hot. Researchers from Princeton University, Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow suggested that, “reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) from varieties of sources with technology and replace them with sustainable energy, better than use the same gas and destroy Earth. The solution they bring up can hold for 50 years! Stop deforesting is one of the most effective solution to stop temperature rising of Earth. Deforestation, according to the meaning from the dictionary, De means to destroy therefore deforestation is to destroy forest. It is a very bad idea to destroy forest, as forest is the one that create oxygen to feed living things, especially human like us. From Union of Concerned Scientist institute research, 10% of world’s climate change comes from deforestation around the world, which is equal to the tailpipe release of Carbon Dioxide of 600 million cars in the United States(Union of Concerned Scientists, 2013) Less use of fossil fuels and replace by natural resources. Many campaigns were bring out from many government to use NGV gas, because it saves lots of oils, but it is more danger and taxi use them in Thailand. Although some people still argue that these campaigns wouldn’t be so effective, as they believe that they have to use these things for their daily life. There are several groups of people who think that we can’t stop climate change. In everybody’s minds, they will have to consider that the earth is hotter, but they don’t care. This problem has been out about 10 years already, and many groups come out and say we should save this, we should save the planet and stop global warming, but no one listen. The reason behind it is because people want to have these energy for themselves. For example, people who say they don’t want the earth to be hot, but they drive big car that use oil from fossil fuels. The need and fight for energy, like oil, cars, trains, and food of human being makes it difficult to stop climate change. Even I still have to use lots of energy for my technology tools like computer, camera, and notebook. It will not be so hard to stop climate change if people alert themselves and help each other. In summary, it is possible to stop or slow down climate change. It is human mistake, but human still can slow down or choose other energy resources. Some people agree and accept that human being is creating problem and should find the way out soon. And some other people know the story, but they don’t care. So let’s take the effectiveness of the climate change, how we can help each other to find solution and to say to people who is hopeless about stop climate change.

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