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Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Extreme weather Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Global Warming has become a major issue in our environment within the last couple of years. Why should we care about that though when we have our own little set of problems to worry about? Maybe because an increase in temperatures can cause a rise in sea level, an increase in the intensity of already extreme weather events, and considerable changes to the amount and pattern of precipitation. All of this may lead to a vast space of tropical areas and will increase the speed of desertification. The more we look into how global warming we think “What is the cause of it all?” Many have thrown around ideas about what they think the cause might be but no need to throw anymore because new evidence has shown that we are the cause of Global Warming.

In the news clip from Cbs 60 minutes “Global Warning”, we hear about 21% of greenhouse gases from the U.S. are contributing to the warming of the whole globe. They also talked about how the population in the number of polar bears there are in the north is going down tremendously. Within time they will be extinct due to the fact that they can’t hunt seals on the ice for as long a period as they could before, because winter is going by quicker and quicker each year. They are spending less time on the ice than they are on land and for that reason the polar bears are becoming unhealthy, which causes them to produce unhealthy cubs. The North Pole has been frozen for more than 100 years and thanks to us that statement is becoming less and less true every day. The U.S. and Australia are the only continents that haven’t signed on to the bill proposing to emit the amount of greenhouse gases we produce each day.

The news clip from cbs 60 minutes “Rewriting the Science”, tells us about how scientist’s data and information on global warming is being made to seem less threatening. Rick Pilts co writes and edits some of the research papers on the climate change. He says though that his work is edited by the White House before it is...
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