Christmas Celebration

Topics: Santa Claus, Christmas, Christmas Eve Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Christmas Celebration

Many people celebrate Christmas but don’t believe in God or Jesus. It’s a holiday that many people will celebrate together by giving each other gifts and spent time with family. The day of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. It is usually celebrated on December 25 each year. Many people around the world will usually celebrate it. It’s a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate a time of joy and love. People also think that on the day of Christmas it should be a day of peace around the world.

Little kids will be exited on the day of Christmas because they often get many gifts or present from their friends and family. Many of them will also believe in Santa Claus. On the night before Christmas, kids will prepare a list or a letter to Santa telling him what they wish for. They will also have some cookies and drink on the table for him to eat. Kids have been told that if they are bad and naughty then they will get coal. But if they are nice then they will get gifts. In their mind Santa Claus is dressed wearing a red coat with white collar, a Santa hat, black boots and leather belt with white bearded. They believe that on that night which is called Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will deliver presents with a sleigh and many reindeer to the well behaved children’s. He will come through the chimney on the roof. Then slide down and walk through the fire place. Then on the morning day of Christmas kids will wake up and presents will be under the Christmas tree.

Some kids don’t believe in Santa Clause because they think it’s not real. They might have found out and knows about it. Some kids might be bad and never really got presents. It could also be when they were a kids their family never told them about how Santa Claus exist and how they deliver gifts. They think it is their parents the one who got the present to them and pretend to be Santa. Even though some kids know it’s not true but they still pretend to believe in...
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