Christian Louboutin

Topics: Alter ego, Id, ego, and super-ego, Mary J. Blige Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: August 20, 2013
FLATS: -Examine your flats/silhouettes and improve, edit, correct, enhance details, etc. if need be. -Combine/pair the flats to create 2 looks per group (12 flats total (6 Ego / 6 Alter) - 2 looks per group (e.g. pant, top, jacket & skirt, top) // (dress, jacket & pant, top) (etc.). -Once combined to create looks, fill the Ego group with Ego solids, prints, textures (2 versions per flat). -Fill the Alter Ego group with Alter Ego solids, prints, textures (2 versions per flat). -There will be emphasis on one version demonstrating understanding of "true to life" scale, and sizing fills in proportion to the flats. Version 2 of the illustration may be experimental. FIGURES: -Students will draw four figures (2 Ego & 2 Alter Ego) that reflect the looks. You should seek guidance from VC Drawing faculty- for pose, proportion, fabric behavior, etc. -Fill the figures to reflect filled flats (1 version only/favorite), so four filled figures that reflect the favorite flats/looks(2 Ego & 2 Alter Ego). -Then do experimental versions of each figure (1-2 versions), using whatever you prefer in the way of color, pattern, scale, texture, etc. as well as techniques, filters, effects, collaging, layering, layout, etc. Journal Pages Include: -VC Digital work - flats (empty and filled), figures filled and experimental, necessary swatches of surface designs and colors to tell the full story. Labeling when appropriate. -Ongoing reflective writing -Ongoing graphic design/page development/layout -Ongoing inclusion of artwork from IS 2D, 3D and VC Drawing -Including process work as well as resolved work -The final journal may include past work that helps tell the final story, like a "repeat" of concept images and color development for instance.

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