Harrison Bergeron

Topics: Insurance, Medicine, Request Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Chapter 5
Jin,jingjiA commercial insurance company sends a letter to the physician requesting a copy of a patient’s entire medical record in order to process payment. No other documents accompany the letter. The insurance specialist should Contact the patient via telephone to alert him about the request Let the patient’s physician handle the situation personally Make a copy of the record and mail it to the insurance company Require a signed patient authorization from the insurance company An attorney calls the physician’s office and requests that a copy of his client’s medical record be immediately faxed to the attorney’s office. The insurance specialist should Call the HIPAA hotline number to report a breach of confidentiality Explain to the attorney that the office does not fax or copy patient records. Instruct the attorney to obtain the patient’s signed authorization Retrieve the patient’s medical record and fax it to the attorney. An insurance company calls the office to request information about a claim. The insurance specialist confirms the patient’s dates of service and the patient’s negative HIV status. The insurance specialist Appropriately released the dates of service, but not the negative HIV status. Breached patient confidentiality by confirming the dates of services. Did not breach patient confidentiality because the patient’s HIV status was negative. Was in compliance with HIPAA provisions concerning release of dates of service and HIV status A patient’s spouse comes to the office and requests diagnostic and treatment information about his wife. The spouse is the primary policyholder on which his wife is named on the policy as a dependent. The insurance specialist should Allow the patient’s spouse to review the actual record in the office, but not release a copy. Inform the patient’s spouse that he must request the information from his insurance company Obtain a signed patient authorization from the wife before...
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