Harrison Bergeron

Topics: Harrison Bergeron, Armie Hammer, Diana Moon-Glampers Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Audience Analysis

My target audience would range from 16-25. Young people these days engage in politics in a variety of ways. They engage by debating and sharing insights and opinions on various issues whether it’s discussions with friends or postings on blogs; They engage by signing petitions; They attend rallies and protests on issues we regard as important; They volunteer there time and energy to organizations.They are media savvy, questioning what is often presented(I know I have grandchildren) and they stay pretty well informed! I suspect that although most youth enroll and vote in local, state and federal elections, They find there participation in the less formal settings more meaningful and effective. That’s probably because They are sceptical about the intentions of our leaders and the impact that our vote will make. Nevertheless, I think that for the most part, young people are very much engaged in different ways.Young people will be able to understand the core reading easier than people of older generations due to the fact that young people are more open to the idea of individualism.As older generations are use routine.I feel that I can understand my audience because I have always been a person that likes to stand up for myself and I am all about self expression and equality.

The short story Harrison Bergeron takes place in theyear 2081. A year where there was a lot of oppression. Oppression is the domination of a society or group. This can be by a government or authority, or by one group over another group. It may be designed to prevent their growth or advancement using cruel or burdensome means. The opression was so bad there was 213 amendments to the Constitution, and they're all to make people "equal." In this short story equal means that anyone who's above average gets handicapped in some way. The short story starts off with George and Hazel Bergeron watching ballet on their TV. They're a little upset, because the government took...
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