Chris McCandless

Topics: Alaska, Christopher McCandless, Wilderness Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: August 7, 2014

Christopher McCandless was not crazy, he wasn’t stupid, and he defiantly was not looking for a way to die. Although some may think of them as selfish, he had his reasons for packing up his few belongings, leaving his family and walking “Into the Wild.” The death of Chris McCandless was an accidental tragedy.

Chris and his dad never really got along (Source One.) They were both stubborn making it impossible to agree on anything. They both always had to be right. Chris decided to be “the bigger person” though and stick to his mother and fathers plan for him through college. He didn’t complain and he even visited them occasionally throughout his college career. He loved his family, but he couldn’t handle being around them anymore. He had kept all his anger and frustration built up inside of him and his only option was to leave. He never intended to hurt his family. He just needed some time away. Chris needed some time to cool off and forget about his family troubles. Once he found out about his father’s marriage problems, forgetting about his family problems seemed impossible. In Chris’s mind getting as far away from his dad and his family as possible was the best option. The only option. So that’s what he did. He didn’t mean to hurt his family or himself in any way.

Some believe that Chris’s family problems had gotten the best of him and that he was ready to put an end to his life. It is ignorant to think that because he went into the Alaskan wilderness completely prepared for the amount of time that he planned on staying there. Even though Source One never mentions Chris having a map, Source two says “Counter to the portrayal in the Krakuer book and Penn film, Chris McCandless carried ‘into the wild’ a wallet with multiple sources of identification and $300 in cash, as well as a map.” If Chris had intended to die while he was out there he wouldn’t have taken the money, the ID, and especially not the map. Source One says that Chris went to the local Alaska...
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