Choosing a Treasurer

Topics: Writing, Candidate, Steve Jobs Pages: 2 (684 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Choosing a Treasurer
Wenxuan Zhong

United Students needs a treasurer who can keep an accurate account of all money received and spent. The treasurer have to good at accounting skills since several treasurers in the past have submitted inaccurate accounts of money taken in and spent. Our new treasurer has to also be accomplished in writing reports because our United Students needs a monthly report to summarizing receipts and expenditure.  In addition, this job also needs hard working and conscientious and can stand up to heavy pressure. Before making our decision, knowing about these three candidates’ background information can be anticipated. One of the vital requirements for our new treasurer was strongly good at mathematics and accounting, and there are some differences among our candidates here. Candidate X has grades in math were in the A/A- range and got a recommendation letter from a accounting teacher who wrote that Candidate X was conscientious in doing all assigned work on time in the accounting class and was a straight A student. Now let’s look at candidate Y, who has an A- average in math classes and served as secretary of the Accounting Club during sophomore year. And candidate Z also has an almost A average in math like candidate X and Y, joined the Accounting Club for two semesters, get a recommendation letter from a math teacher who said candidate Z “never seems to make a mistake.” I think all the candidates were good at mathematics, furthermore, candidate X and candidate Y has strongly good at accounting. Another important requirement was writing skills, and here are our candidates writing performances. Candidate X got grades in English and speech were in the C+/B- range in school and the autobiography of Candidate X seems very simply, even childishly written. Candidate Y’s grade of English was B+ and got a recommendation letter from an English teacher who said candidate Y is “very bright, a better-than-average writer, and a person with...
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